Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Banana Rama, Shark Attack and AGA

Adult Ginger Ale (AGA)
Fill pint glass with ice
1 shot of Brinley's Mango Rum
1 shot of Brinley's Vanilla Rum
1 shot of Cruzan Banana Rum
4 shots of sprite 
Quote the Wife "It tastes like ginger ale, DUH."

Banana Rama

Fill pint glass with ice
1 shot of Brinley's Mango Rum
1 shot of Brinley's Vanilla Rum
1 shot of Cruzan Banana Rum
4 shots of sprite
splash of Orange drink
a few leaves of mint
small piece of lemon

Directions: muddle the mint with the lemon and blend the rest.

The key to this drink is the mint.  It helps bring out a more flavorful banana while at the same time reducing the syrupy aftertaste.

Shark Attack

2 shots of Meyers Dark Rum
4 shots of Coke Zero
splash of grenadine
splash of sprite

Mix all the ingredients and it should taste like grapefruit juice

Brinley Gold Rums

I wrote the post about the Christmas Eve drinks and I forgot about the drinks the day before.

I almost forgot that we did some experimentation the previous night.  A quick background to start off with: A few months ago we bought some Brinley Gold Shipwreck coffee Rum.  The company is based in St. Kitts.  The bottles have more of a sophisticated look to them and certainly cost more than our regular rum selections ($17).

We decided to try the coffee rum first. It was very smooth and creamy.  Drinking it on the rocks was perfect.  I can assure you the bottle didn't last long.

For our 2nd bottle we picked Mango Rum.  Personally, the key to the mango being good is smooth yet not overpowering.  Unfortunately it made half the requirments.  It is smooth but very strong in terms of the mango flavor.  Due to this I will not be drinking it on the rocks.  However, my wife loves it.  She does love everything mango but that is another story.

Mango Rum
That's it.  Those three ingredients make it taste great.  It still has a touch of sweetness but it is still very smooth.  I had wanted my wife to mix it with Sprite but we had an open can of coke zero.  You have to love that kind of logic.

Christmas drinks

We picked up some ginger beer the other day so I decided to make that my focus.  There were also some great prices on lemons which I normally don't have in the house.

From the BarOneDrinks site is a drink called "A furlong Too Late".  That is one long name for a drink.

2 oz white rum
4 oz ginger beer
twist of lemon

These were so good that I had to have more than one.  Not too sweet and yet not too sour.

I also had a whisky sour but that recipe has been around forever.

One other interesting drink that my wife made used Mango Rum and grape juice.  I don't have the proportions but I can only assume it was 2 parts mango and 4 parts grape juice.  It tasted like a grape popsicle.  Too sweet for my tastes but she loved it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mango banana and vanilla


1/2 of Frozen banana
4 frozen blackberries
2 shots Mango
2 shots Banana Rum
Crushed Ice
2 shots of White Rum
Ssips Mango juice
1 shot of Vanilla Rum

blend it all!



Ssips Strawberry Kiwi with some alcohol


1 cup of Stawberry Kiwi
8 ice cubes
8 pieces of basil
quarter lime
2 shots of Mango rum
2 shots of pineapple rum
2 shots of banana rum


Blend everything but the basil and lime.  Add the basil and lime after blending.

makes 2 pints

It's a little sweet without the basil and lime.  We didn't muddle the basil this time but it definitely cuts the sweetness.

Possible Names:
Kiwi Kick
The Pink House
Pink Dream

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jim Beam, Sprite, Lemonade and Basil

Here is another recipe that I tried yesterday.  At first I did Jim Beam mixed with lemonade and muddled Basil.  It wasn't bad.  I saw the mix drink at Trudys in Austin, TX but that called for Jack Daniels.  Well, Jack Daniels is more than double the price of Jim Beam so I decided to go with some bourbon instead of some Tennessee Whisky.

I was intrigued by it because we were trying to figure out what to do with all of our basil plants.  We have more basil than we can eat so might as well try to use some in our drinks.  It's regular basil.  We only have a little sweet basil growing.

That wasn't bad at all.  I did 1.5 shots of Beam mixed with the lemonade and ice.  I muddled the basil.

This time however, I changed it up a bit and poured sprite(generic) and lemonade in the pint glass at the same time.  Still 1.5 shots of Beam and still some basil(3 leaves) muddled at the bottom.

I was very surprised at this.  It tasted very similar to a Whisky Sour.  I will definitely be making more of these.

3 basil leaves
1.5 shots of Jim Beam
2 shots Sprite
2 shots Lemonade

Suggested Names:
don't have any yet.

Updated 12-13-14
Just a quick note to say this mix drink has become one of my favorite drinks.  I use squeezed lemon as I don't have lemonade around but our basil grows HUGE and smells amazing.  It's a perfect combination.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here is our first recipe:

Ingredients for 1 pint:
Cold Passion Tea*
1.5 shots of White Rum
1 shot of Banana Rum
1/3 of a Banana
3 Mint Leaves
1 teaspoon of sugar


  1. Place the mint leaves and a teaspoon of sugar in a pint glass.
  2. Muddle the mint leaves and sugar and then put it off to a side.
  3. In a blender combine about a 1/2 cup of tea 1.5 shots of white rum, 1 shot of banana rum, the 1/3 of a real banana, a few ice cubes (6).
  4. Once it has been blended, pour the mixture into the pint glass and serve!
You should be able to taste the banana with a refreshing mint after-taste.  Great for a relaxing afternoon.

* I make all my teas as sun tea.  Using a Carlos Rossi glass container I place a few teaspoons of raw sugar on the bottom and cut up a 1/4 of an orange.  I then fill the container with water and then slip in 2 passion tea bags.  After sealing it with the cap I leave it in the sun for 4 hours.  Hibiscus is brewed the same way and regular sun tea gets a cinnamon stick placed in it as well.

Our proposed names for this drink is called

  1. Saturday Tea
  2. Banana Passion

First Post!

Wanted a quick and easy place to post our mix drinks.  We keep forgetting which ones we have created in the past.

I felt we should start to share these.