Monday, January 19, 2015

Mojito with simple syrup instead of just sugar

Mojito made with simple syrup instead of just sugar

We had some Mint Juleps the other day and needed to make some simple syrup for them.  We only use natural sugar as the stuff is cheaper than white granulated sugar. The side effect of this is the sugar seems stronger.  Same goes for simple syrup.  Now, the syrup will come out a very dark brown but don't let that brown color fool you.  It tastes better to.

I decided to make Mojitos instead of Mint Juleps today to use up the simple syrup and we have tons of mint growing in the garden.  It might have been one of the best mojitos I've ever made.

It was just your normal Mojito recipe except I swapped out the sugar for a shot of simple syrup.  I muddled the lime, mint, rum and simple syrup before I added the sprite.

We use green colored goblet cups so it's not like you can see the color of the drink.