Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Brinley Gold Rums

I wrote the post about the Christmas Eve drinks and I forgot about the drinks the day before.

I almost forgot that we did some experimentation the previous night.  A quick background to start off with: A few months ago we bought some Brinley Gold Shipwreck coffee Rum.  The company is based in St. Kitts.  The bottles have more of a sophisticated look to them and certainly cost more than our regular rum selections ($17).

We decided to try the coffee rum first. It was very smooth and creamy.  Drinking it on the rocks was perfect.  I can assure you the bottle didn't last long.

For our 2nd bottle we picked Mango Rum.  Personally, the key to the mango being good is smooth yet not overpowering.  Unfortunately it made half the requirments.  It is smooth but very strong in terms of the mango flavor.  Due to this I will not be drinking it on the rocks.  However, my wife loves it.  She does love everything mango but that is another story.

Mango Rum
That's it.  Those three ingredients make it taste great.  It still has a touch of sweetness but it is still very smooth.  I had wanted my wife to mix it with Sprite but we had an open can of coke zero.  You have to love that kind of logic.