Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas drinks

We picked up some ginger beer the other day so I decided to make that my focus.  There were also some great prices on lemons which I normally don't have in the house.

From the BarOneDrinks site is a drink called "A furlong Too Late".  That is one long name for a drink.

2 oz white rum
4 oz ginger beer
twist of lemon

These were so good that I had to have more than one.  Not too sweet and yet not too sour.

I also had a whisky sour but that recipe has been around forever.

One other interesting drink that my wife made used Mango Rum and grape juice.  I don't have the proportions but I can only assume it was 2 parts mango and 4 parts grape juice.  It tasted like a grape popsicle.  Too sweet for my tastes but she loved it.