Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jim Beam, Sprite, Lemonade and Basil

Here is another recipe that I tried yesterday.  At first I did Jim Beam mixed with lemonade and muddled Basil.  It wasn't bad.  I saw the mix drink at Trudys in Austin, TX but that called for Jack Daniels.  Well, Jack Daniels is more than double the price of Jim Beam so I decided to go with some bourbon instead of some Tennessee Whisky.

I was intrigued by it because we were trying to figure out what to do with all of our basil plants.  We have more basil than we can eat so might as well try to use some in our drinks.  It's regular basil.  We only have a little sweet basil growing.

That wasn't bad at all.  I did 1.5 shots of Beam mixed with the lemonade and ice.  I muddled the basil.

This time however, I changed it up a bit and poured sprite(generic) and lemonade in the pint glass at the same time.  Still 1.5 shots of Beam and still some basil(3 leaves) muddled at the bottom.

I was very surprised at this.  It tasted very similar to a Whisky Sour.  I will definitely be making more of these.

3 basil leaves
1.5 shots of Jim Beam
2 shots Sprite
2 shots Lemonade

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Updated 12-13-14
Just a quick note to say this mix drink has become one of my favorite drinks.  I use squeezed lemon as I don't have lemonade around but our basil grows HUGE and smells amazing.  It's a perfect combination.