Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mango banana and vanilla


1/2 of Frozen banana
4 frozen blackberries
2 shots Mango
2 shots Banana Rum
Crushed Ice
2 shots of White Rum
Ssips Mango juice
1 shot of Vanilla Rum

blend it all!



Ssips Strawberry Kiwi with some alcohol


1 cup of Stawberry Kiwi
8 ice cubes
8 pieces of basil
quarter lime
2 shots of Mango rum
2 shots of pineapple rum
2 shots of banana rum


Blend everything but the basil and lime.  Add the basil and lime after blending.

makes 2 pints

It's a little sweet without the basil and lime.  We didn't muddle the basil this time but it definitely cuts the sweetness.

Possible Names:
Kiwi Kick
The Pink House
Pink Dream