Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fluffy Cafe

Fluffy Cafe

Using an 8 oz coffee cup that is tear-dropped in shape you are going to have a nice wake-up drink.

There are a few different ways to make this drink. You can use Orchata or Baileys Irish Cream.  you can also mix in a little milk or go with all Orchata or all Baileys.  Lastly, you can put some vanilla syrup or vanilla rum in it to give it an unique taste.

Start with 5 oz of orchata and a shot of milk. Put it in a microwave container. specifically one that can be used for airiating the mixture.   I pour the mixture in the cup first to make sure i have right amounts.  You will be adding an espresso shot and will also need room for the foam.

Microwave the drink for 60 seconds or just before it starts to boil.  Remove the mixture and then using an aerolatte start adding the air to the mixture to get it ehipped up. i dont do a lot of foam so be sure to keep the end of the aerolatte below the surface of the mixture.

pour the mixture into your glass but hold back the foam.  next you add a shot of espresso and then top it off with the foam you were holding back.